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Meet The

Blandon Brothers

Kevin Alexander Blandon and Jose Blandon are full-service Realtors in the Los Angeles and South Bay area. With extensive backgrounds in hospitality and city explorers at heart, they know the secrets of the city that makes them true locals. Think knowledge versus wisdom.

The Blandon Brothers are known for their innovative negotiation skills and marketing strategies which serve to take both their client's success and their own to the next level. Combining their knowledge of the industry with proven AND new techniques sets them apart from the competition. This includes their Youtube series Walkthrough Wednesdays where they showcase properties homes from around the LA area.


Clients can be assured that their business is taken care of by a team of professionals, driven by individuality and integrity who aren't afraid to take the extra time. With these two, only the sky is the limit.

Se habla español!


It's a brave new age where people can talk to each other anywhere at any time. Let's use it to our advantage.

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