Kevin Blandon

       "Real estate has always made sense to me" is what Kevin would say if you asked him about it. Born and raised in Los Angeles, Kevin has been surrounded by one of the world's most competitive but lucrative real estate market his whole life. Watching realtors utilize the growing market as a vehicle for financial freedom, Kevin wanted in on the action. That is what inspired him to bring to life the Blandon Brothers concept. Bringing new talent and ideas into the field, he transfers his passion for visual creation into his real estate business. 

       Outside of real estate, Kevin is an artist. A love for creativity and expression can be seen in his photography and modeling work (check him out at He hopes to inspire others like him, those who feel they have undiscovered talent but lust for more from life, to follow their dreams despite no matter how big they are. This, coupled with his ultimate goal of moving to Thailand, is what motivates him to wake up in the morning every day. Other than that, he loves to hit the beach with some music and a nice bottle of pinot noir. 

Jose Blandon

       When my family and I moved to Los Angeles in 1993, I was quickly exposed to the business of real estate. My father was a construction worker who built homes for a well-known developer and growing up I always tagged along on his workdays. I came to notice that my father was the most trusted worker for this developer, and for over 20 years they maintained this working relationship. I understand that in order to have any successful business, we must have outstanding relationships built upon trust and clear objectives.


       Buying or selling your home is one of the biggest business decisions you can make. Having someone whom you can trust, who listens carefully to your needs, and also takes action on guiding you throughout the process of buying or selling your home, is the most important ingredient to a successful plan. As your realtor, I personally understand the emotional toll the process can take on a family, and my objective is to listen and be understanding of your needs and take action to make things as smooth as possible from start to finish. I promise to treat your situation as if it were my own. Nothing satisfies me more than making a perfect match between a buyer and a seller in a successful real estate transaction.